Mortlake Brewery Development Timeline

January 2009

Annheuser Busch announces intention to stop brewing at the site


Council carries out planning consultation for site with locals

Early 2015

Annheuser Busch leave brewery site

September 2015

Site goes on sale after Council planning consultation document released

Supplementary documents to the initial plans mention 400 dwellings, an 150 room hotel, a museum and a primary school, the plan at this stage included the retention of the green spaces at the site.

Site bought by Singapore based Reselton Properties for £158m


Pre-planning consultation carried out by developers

January 2020

Scheme approved by Richmond Council planning committee

Plan included 633 homes, 17% (138) of them affordable. Also included was a 150 room care village and a secondary school and sixth form college.

May 2020

Mayor 'calls in' the scheme and developers subsequently beef up affordable housing level to around 30%

To accommodate more affordable housing units the developers increase the height of several buildings in the proposed new development prior to the plans being submitted to the Mayor. The number of new homes on the site increases to 1250.

July 2021

Scheme turned down by London Mayor

Sadiq Khan dismissed the scheme on the grounds of the low levels of affordable housing. Mayor Khan noted that the GLA target of 35% of units being affordable had not been met. He also expressed concerns about the height of the buildings. He added that the planning harms of the scheme outweighed its benefits.

March 2022

Updated plans submitted to Richmond after Mayor's rejection

July 2023

Scheme approved by Richmond planning committee for the second time

This iteration of the scheme has up to 1,085 homes of which 65 are affordable. Still included is the secondary school.

October 2023

Plans re-drawn to accommodate new government fire regulations

New legislation on fire safety in the light of the Grenfell Tower tragedy necessitated the redrawing of the Mortlake Brewery plans. The need to include two escape staircases in building over a certain height reduce the space available for housing. The new plans feature higher blocks as a result. The number of dwellings decreases slightly to 1,075.

January 2024

Revised plans approved by Richmond Council planners for the third time

February 2024

Local campaign groups urge Mayor to call in scheme for the second time and reject the proposals

Campaigners point out low level of afforable houses, blocks that are higher than the 7 stories allowed in the local plan (some blocks are now 8 or 9 stories), and the contravention of planning brief requirements of lower buildings closer to the site edges. Additionally they point out that the proposals are wholly out of character with the existing area.

February 2024

Developers appear to bypass Mayoral approval by appealing directly to the Planning Inspectorate